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What can I do if my students won't sing?
Episode 2219th May 2022 • Doremi Teach • Helen Russell
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Do you wonder what on earth you can do when your students won't sing?

It's a frequently asked question inside Doremi Membership, for class teachers and instrumental teachers.

It's especially concerning for those of us who use a singing based approach to music education. I mean, what can we do if they won't sing?

In this episode I'm going to share my experiences and advice on how to deal with this in classroom music lessons, one-to-one piano lessons and also unbelievably in private singing lessons too!

Key points:

  • Younger students might not even realise they aren't singing
  • They can learn a lot just by listening and participating
  • Choose a game involving part-work where the child who is "it" has to sing
  • Even high schoolers who have opted for singing lessons can refuse to sing
  • Anxiety plays a large part. They need to feel safe
  • Don't pressurise them. Be patient and they will sing in the end