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The Mindful Movement Podcast and Community - Sara and Les Raymond EPISODE 14, 18th July 2020
Season 2, Episode 14: Our Greatest Teachers with Mollie Raymond

Season 2, Episode 14: Our Greatest Teachers with Mollie Raymond

In this episode Les sits down with one of his greatest teachers, his daughter, Mollie Raymond. Together they discuss a variety of topics to explore the perspectives of a teenaged human growing up in the environment resulting from a pandemic.


"Wand" by: Mollie Raymond

writing is such a sacred thing

and i feel like a bulldozer troll

for stamping on it with my

giant cement feet

for abusing words

imposing my will.

sorry i have not been gentle

and sorry that these days i only write to

take out the trash in my mind.

sorry i’m not open

to receiving, to submitting

to the universe.

sorry i’m not a wand,

one end planted in the earth, drawing up

water and minerals, the other end pointed

at the sky, channeling all

the sun’s brilliance,

then transmuting these energies into art.

when my therapist curses, it makes me think

it’s okay to take out my feelings on the ground,

to stomp, to scream, to say fuck.

sometimes i should still be quiet.

birds and singing bowls

make gentle music.

you have to stop talking to listen.

thank you for humbling me, god.

god knows, well i guess you know,

i needed it.


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