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Paul Melchiorre – What It Takes To Be Successful In Selling
Episode 235th June 2023 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

Amateurs in sales score occasional wins. Professionals create consistent results. Top sales professionals don’t make quota, they exceed quota. They don’t make sales, they create customers. They don’t dream of earning a good living, they are living the good life.

My guest has captured the time-tested sales wisdom of great salespeople that realized early in their career that learning means earning. Join me now for my conversation with author, and speaker Paul Melchiorre.

Guest Bio: 

Paul Melchiorre is co-author of: Selling the Cloud: A Playbook for Success in Cloud Software and Enterprise Sales. He has 30 years of experience in enterprise software sales and business leadership. As Senior Vice President of Global accounts at SAP, Melchiorre and his group were responsible for over 85% of the company’s revenue and helped establish SAP as the global STC Interior leader in enterprise software. 

Recently, Paul served as President and Chief Revenue Officer at Anaplan, a leading SaaS platform to facilitate financial planning and management. Paul is now sharing his proven, innovative approach as Operating Partner at Stripes and serves on multiple company boards. 

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

04:36 Passion and mindset

05:10 If you have the right mindset, customers sense that

08:25 You just happen to have the mainframe in your pocket now

09:43 The cycle times are much shorter

13:57 When things accelerate, fortunate or unfortunate, it does leave people behind

16:23 However you communicate, you just have to work hard at it

17:20 Take A students from B schools

19:31 When these people go to their next company

23:07 You’ve got to be authentic

26:34 If you can bring in stories that bring their problems to life….

27:41 The perception of the story 

28:38 Process is more important than a playbook

32:47 Are you really sure you want to be in this profession?

35:35 If you're not in that environment, get out!

36:48 What did I learn today?

39:14 It's always important to stay current

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