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Tips to Job Seeking at Any Age with Norma Kraft – Season 2: Episode 71
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Tips to Job Seeking at Any Age with Norma Kraft – Season 2: Episode 71

Norma Kraft has a background as a Talent Acquisition Strategist Leader with a proven track record helping companies win the “war for talent” and attract the best and brightest professionals from around the globe—in addition to advising internal managers on how to handle complex strategic workforce planning and development.

As the Talent Acquisition Manager for a small aerospace company she had oversight of three divisions to unify and improve their hiring processes.

Caught in layoffs at the end of 2016, Norma relocated from Seattle to Billings, MT.  She has started Norma Kraft Consulting, helping those job seekers that recognize that today’s market is different than just three years ago!

Today she offers LinkedIn profile optimization and engagement to maximize your visibility for new opportunities.  Resume review and job strategies, helps you to reclaim your professional identity and confidence and ultimately that next job.

Norma is speaking at LinkedIn Locals around the country and is virtually speaking to the LinkedIn Local Luxembourg, her first international engagement!

Currently, as an advisor to https://zenleap.net/ a database for job seekers and hiring managers, that is based on profiles rather than on resumes, she is helping to change the current hiring process.

#AgeDoesNotDefineUs is a campaign that she has started on LinkedIn and is inclusive of ALL age groups that find bias due to age, too young or too old.

Norma will be speaking on “The Power of Connections on LinkedIn AKA Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Connect!”.  Why stay connected to those that are easy to reach out to, are in your industry, or are in your location?  Why SHOULD you extend that reach and how can you do that?   What is the value of having a network of a diverse group of people?

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