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EWS010: Understanding Story to Build a Tribe
Episode 107th August 2017 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode, my guest and I get into a deep conversation about life and story and it goes in places that took me by surprise. Serendipity has played big part in our relationship over the years and I really enjoyed this chat with Gideon Shalwick.

Gideon is somewhat of a serial entrepreneur, however if you’ve heard of Gideon before you likely see him as the online video guy. He’s built a huge community of fans around his passion for video marketing with over 40K subscribers on YouTube and has impacted tens of thousands with his various products and services.

But, as you’ll learn in this interview, there is a deeper undercurrent in his life and business that is grounded in the Hero’s Journey - and it is this story structure and its practical application to personal development that Gideon so passionately breaks down for us in this chat.

In this episode

  • How Gideon’s story led him through twists and turns to end up becoming the online video expert he is known as today
  • How Gideon uses his understanding of story to now write his next chapter
  • The part that Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey played in Gideon's story
  • The simple steps to drive sales in your digital marketing and the direct link this has to story structure
  • What we can learn from screen-writing – in particular Christopher Vogler’s work on story to apply to our own lives

Links in this Episode


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Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey