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Peer 2 Peer Real Estate's Podcast - William Morales 11th September 2020
REDinNYC Event: The Interview Series With President of D & A Construction advisors Andrea Mesis Bruno
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REDinNYC Event: The Interview Series With President of D & A Construction advisors Andrea Mesis Bruno

About Andrea :

Andrea’s entire career was forged by talking big risks on a road rarely traveled by women. Starting from graduating second in her class at the Police Academy to providing a safe environment for 9/11 survivors in the weeks after their escape from the Towers, Andrea has always succeeded in unlikely roles typically held by men. Today, Andrea works with the most demanding NYC developers to build the ever changing NYC skyline.

Working in such a masculine field, she carries herself with a tough unwaivering confidence, but always as a lady and role model for young women in her field. She has mastered the delicate balance of being a loving single mom and powerful construction executive. Like many in her industry, Andrea takes part in countless charities lending her influence to raise valuable funds including Tuesdays, Children, Caring to Remember, and Maestro Cares to name only a few.

But Andrea takes it a step further by finding inspirational way to motivate change and give back. In 2006, Andrea was the Young Professional Liaison for the American Society of Industrial Security assisting college graduates in finding a career path in private law enforcement and security technology.

And in 2017, Andrea started a mentorship program for NEW (Nontraditional Employment for Women). This program was started to assist women in developing a next step career path once they hang up their tools after building some of the largest construction development projects in NYC. Her most important protege is her son DJ. There are few people that know Andrea that don’t know DJ as well. He is the center of her universe and the reason she works so hard to succeed. Wanting her little boy to understand gratitude and service, they travel regularly to the Maestro Cares orphanage in Ponce, Puerto Rico which she sponsors. Her commitment to these orphans is just one of the many ways Andrea goes a step beyond the surface to do more. Its how she works, raises her son, and lives everyday.

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On today's show Andrea talks about

Having an Instagram account

Making short video's

Providing content

Having YouTube video's

Your credibility

Using Twitter

Using free ads

Getting reviews from customers

And much more...............

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