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The Documentary Life - The Documentary Life EPISODE 45, 27th October 2017
Taking the Leap of Faith with Your Doc + Conversation with Filmmakers of The After Hours Club Series
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Taking the Leap of Faith with Your Doc + Conversation with Filmmakers of The After Hours Club Series

Believing in yourself as a documentary filmmaker is critical to seeing one’s documentary project through. With so many pitfalls and obstacles along the way, not to mention a multitude of different aspects and phases to the craft of filmmaking, how does one even get to the pre-production phase of making a documentary film, let alone see it all the way through? Well, taking a giant Leap of Faith would be a great way to start.


Taking and staying with your Leap of Faith, is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself as a documentary filmmaker. After all, if you don’t fully believe in your capability to pull off making a film, why should anyone else?


And in our first segment of episode #45, I take a look at what it means to take the Leap of Faith, how the faith grows as you practice it, and what you can do, as a filmmaker, in order to both, take that initial leap, and then continue the faith all the way through completion of your project.


Podcast Conversation

In our world nothing can be more certain than death and… film. No, really. Just ask the guys who have recently produced and distributed (for free!) the new six-part documentary series that explores the various cultures of death in America. Their series is called The After Hours Club, and for this week’s documentary industry guest segment, I had the pleasure of sitting down with both executive producer Morgan St. Knight, as well as director of photography, Christian Monckeberg (MTechProMedia), who had much to say about producing and selling a web series that revolves around a subject, that for most is a tad scary, if not downright taboo.


Topics Discussed

  • how and why Morgan, an industry vet with 25 years of television experience, decided to break away from the pack and produce the type of series that most would only scoff at
  • why Morgan felt that it was important to have all crew members actually be a part of the film
  • how DoP, Christian, went from years of corporate video, and took the leap of faith and joined on to shoot for The After Hours Club
  • why the filmmakers believe that distributing season one for free on the internet is the right call for the project


#DocLifer Meetup Group – North Carolina

As mentioned in episode #45, if you’re in the North Carolina area and are interested in joining #DocLifer Julie’s documentary filmmaking meetup group, click HERE.

Also mentioned in the episode was the Bechdel Test. You can check out some info as well as find out what films score high on the Bechdel by going HERE.


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