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Find a Safe Space to Be Yourself | Growth Tip #5
Episode 2182nd November 2021 • Women in the Business Arena™ • Sonya Stattmann
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In our culture, women are expected to “keep it all together” even when the pressure is pulling us apart. We are expected to hold space for others when we don’t even have space for ourselves. We shame ourselves for feeling fear or needing comfort. And we carry these ideas into our community spaces.  

This week, we’re giving women (including ourselves) permission to remove that pressure and abandon the illusion of “having it all together”. We are also encouraging you to seek out spaces to be your authentic self.

Investing in spaces that give you permission to truly be yourself can transform your life and work. It shifts your relationship with your values, your desires, and your power and helps you access your full potential.

In a personal, intimate conversation, Laura and I explore the power we unlock when we allow ourselves room to be vulnerable. 

  • Why having a safe space to express yourself is so crucial to enable your growth.
  • Ways to identify the places and people that allow you to come as you are.
  • How working through anxiety in a genuine community can help you show up courageously in more challenging circumstances.
  • The resilience that comes from identifying and nurturing the spaces that embrace every aspect of yourself, even the messy parts. 

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