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What Motivates You... What's Your Why?
16th June 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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If you don’t have a big motivation behind everything you do, it’s hard to stay consistent. Why is it important to have big why? What happens when you connect what you deserve with what you want in life? On this episode, you’ll get a look at our work day, and learn some secrets of motivation.



If you’re monotone in your communication you diminish your effectiveness.

When you’re in business you have to communicate in a powerful fashion.

Personality types: driver, expressive, amiable and analytical.


When you start connecting what you really deserve in life, and what you really want, you’ll no longer have a difficult time waking up and showing up. You won’t struggle to have faith, invest in your company, and do the things that will help grow your business. Remember to get clear on what your wants and desires are, so you can go after them.