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Steps to Improve Gut Health and In Turn Our Lives, Why the Internet is Wrong About Diet Habits, How to Properly Feed Humanity with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz
10th August 2022 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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It all begins with the microbiome.

The gut comprises 70% of our immune system. This ecosystem of bacteria, viruses, and fungi influences all aspects of health from our hormone levels, to immunity to our weight and mood as well as brain health.

So much so that today's guest, Dr. Will Bulsiewicz (pronounced bul su wits), says "Your brain's best friend is your gut. You can't separate the two. If you have an unhealthy gut, it's going to affect your brain."

'Dr. B' as he is affectionately known, is a board certified and award winning gastroenterologist and a leading voice in gut health. He is a graduate of Georgetown School of Medicine, a former chief medical resident at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and chief gastroenterology fellow at the University of North Carolina Hospitals. Will received his Master of Science in Clinical Investigation from Northwestern University and a certificate in nutrition from Cornell University.

He has published over twenty articles in renown gastroenterology journals and his New York Times bestselling book, Fiber Fueled: The Plant Based Gut health Program For Losing Weight, Restoring Your Health and Optimizing Your Microbiome, is mandatory reading on why gut health is so fundamental and how to enhance it to avoid disease and optimize your wellbeing.

In his new book, The Fiber Fueled Cookbook, Dr. B shares incredibly delicious recipes and practical, easy to implement gut health promoting tips, tools and strategies.

Will combines his 14 years as an MD with the latest cutting-edge medical research and has helped thousands of people create incredible results in their health and wellbeing by teaching them how to take better care of their gut health with the power of plants, supporting them in easing and even reversing symptoms of IBS, leaky gut and other digestive issues by going to the root cause of the problem, fixing it and finding out how to prevent it in the first place.

Today he shares with us how we can take back control of the way we eat, look and feel and how to achieve optimal health, mental agility and happiness with plant-based foods and easy lifestyle shifts.

In this episode with Dr. B, you'll discover:

-Why a glorious morning poo is synonymous with a life well-lived...04:43

-Key elements of GI health Dr. B pays attention to...09:30

-How our gut health affects our mood and brain function...13:40

-An innovative (and affordable) way to gauge the health of your gut...19:45

-Dr. B's own health journey, and the decision to turn vegan...30:44

-How to incrementally change your diet and health for the better...37:05

-Allaying fears about living a good life with a diet that deviates from the popular narratives on the Internet...43:33

-Dr. B's approach to confronting the food and supply issues our planet will face in the coming decades...50:23

-Dr. B's best personal practices...54:18

-And much more...

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