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66: Master High Ticket Sales with Kayvon Kay (Part 2)
12th July 2019 • Business Breakthrough • Estie Rand
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If you feel like it’s harder to sell more expensive services, Kayvon tell us it’s exactly the opposite! Tune into this episode where Kayvon, master of high ticket sales, breaks down everything you need to know to land those deals at the high prices you deserve.

My Guest: Kayvon Kay

A master of Sales and Closing, Expert Keynote Speaker, and creator of the One-Call Closer Methodology, Kayvon is a titan of the industry. From being Canada’s #1 pharmaceutical sales representative to creating a multimillion-dollar coaching program, Kayvon has a vast range of skills centered within the art of sales. His ambition, drive, and confidence has led to his domination in the industry and his world-renowned abilities. As a man of perseverance, determination, and drive, Kayvon continues to challenge the status quo and overcome adversity, turning tribulations into pure motivation.


Episode Highlights:

[47:44]: Now the one thing I teach people is never, ever act, sound or do like a typical salesperson, ever. You got to be a pattern interrupt. You got to be an expert. You got to be an authority.

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