"You are meant for more!... Just do the thing", says the inspiring Kim Molloy
Episode 5023rd November 2022 • BOLD CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS • Live Masterminds, Inc.
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Her turning point came as she was biking. Her heart heavy and sad, as the mother in her was pained by her 20-year old daughter's suffering... Her revelation changed the trajectory of her life.

Kim Molloy's story of transformation is heart-warming, while being gut-wrenching at the same time. A mother of three, and a wife devoted to her family, listen to her talk to Raju about her story.

Her daughter, Caroline, spoke to us on an earlier episode this year.

Kim Molloy is a 29 year resident of Hilton Head Island, mother of Caroline, Davis and Whit, and wife to Craig.  

Kim has been a Real Estate Agent with Carolina Realty Group for the past 2+ years and has found a great passion for serving people through this important time / decision in their life. 

Kim has great interest in inspiring people and created a podcast “IF you Can I Can” to showcase inspiring people and provide others with stories that may touch or encourage them.  

Kim also has a love for her community and has been involved with many boards on the island to support interests of her children.

You can reach Kim:

On Instagram @kimmolloy

On YouTube and her podcast, If You Can, I Can


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