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The Real Estate Sessions - Bill Risser EPISODE 269, 2nd February 2021
Episode 269 – Victoria Kennedy, Founder – Victorious PR
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Episode 269 – Victoria Kennedy, Founder – Victorious PR

Today, our guest has become a well-respected authority in public relations, specifically focusing on helping real estate professionals gain more productive leads. Our guest is Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Victorious PR, an agency that strives to lead entrepreneurs and internet marketers into the world's largest publications. 

In this episode, join Victoria and me as we share some fundamental action steps that you can take to enhance your brand and some essential advice on how to get started in your branding. We also discuss the current Las Vegas market and reflect on 2020's impact on the real

estate industry. 

Top Takeaways: 

  • Victoria Kennedy's Advice for New Agents
  • "Welcome! Don't be scared. There's a lot to know, but hey, you have so many people who have walked this path before. It's going to be okay."
  • "You get to decide how you want people to perceive you. You get to be a realtor and promote about it. This is exciting for you; you are helping the world."

"When you talk to any real estate agent, and you ask them, you know what did you do before this? Everybody comes from such an interesting background. Part of the reason I got into real estate after my opera career is because so many of my performer friends turned into real estate agents. They finish their performing career, and they became realtors because you're on, you're a performer when you are a realtor." – Victoria Kennedy [04:59]

"I would have to say you have a beautiful responsibility to lead the way for positivity in your community. If you show up in a positive way … they're looking to you for the answers and support. – Victoria Kennedy [16:33]

Episode Highlights:

[00:14] Intro 

[00:41] Meet Victoria Kennedy – Opera Singer Turned PR Expert

[01:57] Victoria's Roles as an Inman Contributor and Ambassador 

[03:57] Studying Vocal Performance at University of Southern California 

[06:25] Why Las Vegas Became Home 

[07:17] Can PR Benefit All Realtors? 

[12:24] Benefits of a Real Estate Background When Helping Clients 

[15:54] 2020 Real Estate Reflection 

[18:00] Las Vegas Market Outlook 

[19:45] Victoria's Thoughts on iBuyers 

[20:35] Actionable Steps to Enhance Your Brand 

[26:17] How to Get Started in Personal Branding 

[27:22] Victoria's Advice for New Agents 

[28:55] Connect with Victoria 

[29:21] Closing Thoughts 

[29:40] Outro 

Episode Notes: 

Today, joining us is Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Victorious PR, an agency that strives to lead entrepreneurs into the largest publications globally. Victoria is also an Inman Connect Brand Ambassador and an Inman News Contributor. 

An expert in digital marketing, Victoria helps clients boost their visibility and gain revenue. Victoria Kennedy is a trusted speaker and contributor to such organizations as the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inman News, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance. 

Originally from Southern California, Victoria attended the University of Southern California and received her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. This led to Victoria traveling around Europe with a number one hit single and a job singing at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. This led to her calling Las Vegas home and working in the close-knit feel community.  

Victoria shares how real estate agents often come from fascinating backgrounds and admits that she got into real estate after her opera career because so many of her performer friends turned into real estate agents. Victoria has a background in real estate, marketing, and public relations and loves to serve real estate agents because it's a natural fit with her experience and the connections and relationships she has built. 

Victoria believes that public relations can benefit all realtors and is not just for the top sellers. For Victoria, public relations are one of the most crucial pieces to see your business grow. You may find yourself paying for lead generations that provide the number of leads you dream for but not the quality. Investing in your branding and building up the right word of mouth in your local community can generate the quality referrals you desire. 

With a look back at 2020, it's essential to notice the role many realtors have played in their local communities. As a role model for your community's people, Victoria believes there is a fantastic opportunity to provide positivity directly into your city. Global pandemics to online home buying and real estate agents will continue to demand the human connection they bring to their buyers. 

Victoria Kennedy outlines two actionable steps that you can take right now to enhance your brand. Creating a profile funnel to lead people to take action can help produce leads and is free! Ensuring your profile branding matches and promoting yourself on your profile also lets the potential client quickly identify that you are a realtor. The second step Victoria shares is to post 80% of the time about your life and fun posts, while the other 20% is business focused posting. 

Victoria Kennedy's advice to new real estate agents is not to be afraid as you walk the path that many realtors have walked before you. It's important to remember that you get to decide how you want others to perceive you and to have fun promoting your new venture! 

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