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[12] Hiring the Right Staff and Delivering a Profitable IT Managed Service
Episode 1211th November 2015 • TubbTalk: The Podcast for Managed Service Providers • Richard Tubb
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In episode 12 of TubbTalk, I speak with Andy Pope, a former MSP owner and the Managing Director of The Consort Group about hiring the right staff and delivering profitable Managed Service support.

Andy and I discuss:

  • Why Andy refers to Break/Fix as "Sweeney Support"
  • Who are the Consort Group?
  • What have been the major changes in the MSP market?
  • Tackling the IT Skills Shortage - Hiring vs Outsourcing
  • Understanding Digital Natives and Digital Migrants
  • What should IT employers look for in new hires?
  • How McDonald's demonstrate consistency through processes
  • How to deliver profitable client support services
  • The value in standardisation for Managed Services
  • If Andy were to start an MSP again today, what would he do differently?
  • Why becoming a trusted advisor is more profitable than being a techie
  • The value in sticking to what you're good at
  • The power in IT companies collaborating over competing
  • Who is the better super-hero, Superman or Spider-Man?

Mentioned in This Episode

Mentioned in this episode:

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