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Climate Safe Infrastructure
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Climate Safe Infrastructure


Adaptation and Livable Communities Series – how to make infrastructure more resilient to the growing threats of climate change

Guest & Organization:

Cris Liban is the Executive Officer of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency. At LA Metro, Cris oversees their internationally recognized Environmental, Sustainability, and Energy initiatives. Cris has a bachelors of science in Geology, a masters in Civil Engineering and earned his PhD in environmental science and engineering from UCLA. Cris is a widely published author, a national speaker and serves on a number of commissions and working groups including the chairing the sustainability committee for the American Society of Civil Engineers, serving on the National Council for Environmental Policy and Technology at US EPA, and serving on California’s AB2800 Climate-Safe Infrastructure Working Group CA Department of Natural Resources.


Climate Safe Infrastructure Report  

American Society of Civil Engineers Roadmap

Local Government Commission