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John H Brennan – Emotional Intelligence: The Key to the Customer Experience
Episode 2617th October 2022 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

Emotional intelligence or EI needs little introduction. It's no secret that EI is critical to your success, but knowing what EI is and knowing how to use it to improve your life are two very different things. 

To help us understand what we can do to improve and develop our emotional intelligence as individuals and employ these strategies in the workplace is author, speaker, and professional actor, John Brennan.

Guest Bio: 

Born in Montreal, Canada, John Brennan is a dual citizen (US) and speaks fluent French. After receiving his bachelor's degree in business and communication, he co-founded a small production company that produced live shows, events, and videos.

An acting opportunity led to a twenty-year journey, including fifty-plus commercials, travel throughout North America doing business theatre, and hosting Fortune 500 events. He has also been in multiple movies, guest starred on celebrated television shows, and had his own television series playing the lead character on Bordertown. John carried the valuable experiences and lessons learned, and transitioned them into his years of speaking, facilitating, and coaching. 

The experiences of his life have enhanced his Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) and given him a broader range and better understanding of the connection between E.I. and success. The "World Economic Forum" identifies Emotional Intelligence as one of the essential skills for the future. 

With John’s book, The E.I. Connection, he has taken established and researched insights, in combination with his training, best practices, and useful exercises and tactics, to develop a simple, practical, and effective system that can be put to use immediately and will become a go-to reference. John Brennan has seen, taught, and experienced what works.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

05:02 If you’re interested, you will become more interesting

07:52 Applied emotional intelligence

12:15 It’s the little stuff

12:34 It’s not about me

16:15 You can change your mindset with just a quick decision

19:44 The E.I. Mix

22:09 It matters how you make people feel

23:40 Listening with all of your senses

26:37 Become aware, and become more aware

30:58 How E.I. fits into our customer service experience

34:49 ABC - Always Be Curious

35:19 SPP model - Simple, Personal and Proactive

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