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Building Wealth with Financial Flexibility | Ep. 257
Episode 25724th August 2023 • Money Talk With Tiff • Tiffany Grant
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It's time to get financially flexible! Chianté Jones, a full-time entrepreneur, is invited by Tiffany Grant for an insightful conversation about financial flexibility. Learn practical advice and activities to improve your money habits and free yourself from financial hiccups.

Unveil the importance of saving regularly, strategic debt management, and investing in diverse avenues that can help you grow wealth. Hear Chianté's experience of taking the plunge into entrepreneurship after years of consistent saving and mindset shifts; it's inspiring!

Join now to discover how you can become financially flexible too.

About Our Guest

Chianté Jones is a Financial Coach and the Founder of Dollars and Change. As a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Chianté works with professional women who are ready to create more flexibility in their lives by confidently managing their money and executing a realistic plan to eliminate debt. Through personalized coaching, she provides education, guidance, and accountability to help them have more fun and fulfillment while still creating a solid foundation to build wealth. After becoming consumer debt free, accumulating over a million dollar net worth, and taking the leap from her 9-5, Chianté knows first-hand the freedom and options that come with having well-managed money. Her advice has been featured on PBS and numerous podcasts and her clients have said coaching with Chianté has changed their life and made talking about money feel safe and approachable. When she’s not helping women create more financial flexibility, you can find her binging a true crime show, Googling random things, or lounging at home with her husband and Yorkie.

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