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56 – Stud Dog Series: Fresh, Fresh Chilled and Frozen – Do’s Don’t and Why-Nots
21st April 2017 • Pure Dog Talk • Laura Reeves
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What's Best for Your Stud Dog?

Fresh, Fresh Chilled or Frozen?

Semen Quality

Fresh is Best... but not always an option.  Fresh semen, of lower quality, might need a little reproductive vet help to improve the chance of getting your bitch pregnant.

Fresh Chilled Semen

Fresh Chilled requires Timing, timing, timing.  For the DIY collectors, prostatic fluid kills the swimmers when shipped.  Most of the commercial media's are good, but some dogs do better in some than in others.

Prepare ahead of time - 7 Day Test

If your are offering your dog out to stud, have him tested in different medias for 7 days to see which is best.  Some have egg, some have caffeine, some have antibiotics.  Be able to responsibly tell the bitches owner that that your have tested and know that he is viable for X number of days.

Better in the Bitch than in the Box

There is only so much life and energy in the sperm cell.  While there are extenders, each day the cells lose integrity... and the sperm still needs to do it's job inside the bitch. Fresh Chilled lasts 7-10 days, including the time needed to do the job.

Frozen Semen

When in question, go frozen.  Plan ahead with your vet and know Fed Ex delivery times and dates.

Straws vs Pellets

Either is fine.  There are extremely important thawing difference between the two.  Be sure you know if you vet is familiar with the method used, or is able to ask the source of the semen's vet. Always use the thaw media that comes with the semen.  Frozen, when thawed, lasts only 6 - 18 hours, including the time inside the bitch.

Viability Testing

New technology for viability testing is available - ask if your vet has it.  Motility is not everything.  The protein head of the sperm has to be healthy and viability testing is the only way to know for sure.  

Timing, Timing, and Tips

  • THE most important factor is timing and it differs with each method.  Progesterone timing is the key.
  • Collect a young and promising dog at 2 as soon as health clearances are done.  You can always dispose of later.
  • LABEL THE SAMPLE!!! Name, breed, dog's name on every tube.  Don't rely on shipping label.
  • Caution on supplements - be sure to tell reproductive vet everything at least a month prior to using the dog.
  • Stress is a large infertility factor.  Collect a dog before campaigning.
  • Peas, flax and soy - Phytoestrogens convert to estrogen.  Some dogs have sensitivities or may be low in estrogen.


Sirius Canine Fertility held a reproductive seminar.  The lectures will be available soon.



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