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The Variety Artist with John Abrams – Weekly chats with inspiring Performers - John Abrams EPISODE 34, 12th November 2018
Paul Romhany - Revolutionizing Live Performance and The On-Line Magazine
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Paul Romhany - Revolutionizing Live Performance and The On-Line Magazine

Paul Romhany was the first recipient of the Robert Houdin award. His fellow New Zealand countrymen named him the 18th “Grand Master of Magic” He has nearly 100 magic products on the market.

Paul is the creator and editor of VANISH Magazine (If you haven’t yet subscribed, why not!? It’s full of great info, it’s on-line, and it’s free!)

How is an 8 year old boy inspired by a silent film star? Why did Paul create the first (and best) on-line magic magazine? Performing in theaters, traveling the world, editing the magazine. How does he get all that stuff done? I am both honored and privileged to bring you this interview. Enjoy!

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One of Paul’s Amazing Chaplin Performances

Contact info:

  • Website: www.PaulRomhany.com
  • Email: paul@chaplinmagic.com

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