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The Imperfect Pod - The Imperfect Pod EPISODE 33, 8th July 2020
#33 | What The Dating World Is Like For Young Men | Jordan Paris
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#33 | What The Dating World Is Like For Young Men | Jordan Paris

This week's episode is all about the dating world. When it comes to dating, the world seems to be very confused. With access to all the dating apps - all being used for seemingly different purposes - it can be hard to understand everyone's intentions. The age of marriage seems like it has risen substantially. People want to focus on their careers while they are young. Hook up culture has made the dating scene more about "fun" but also leads to a generation that seems to not be able to communicate their true intentions. As feminism continues to grow and women are focused on their careers, who pays for the first date? Do "Nice Guys" really finish last? What does the term friendzone mean? Jordan and I talk about all these things and how young men navigate these spaces. I really hope you enjoy!

About Jordan: Jordan Paris is a 22-year-old author, podcast host, and entrepreneur featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, Yahoo! Finance, and Market Watch. Jordan’s podcast, Growth Mindset University, is ranked #6 in Apple’s Self-Improvement category, #3 in the Training category, #5 in the How-To category. In Education, one of Apple’s most competitive categories, the show was ranked #15. The show is also ranked highly in 40+ countries worldwide. On the show, he interviews young up-and-comers and the most successful people on planet earth like James Altucher, Grant Cardone, Robert Greene, Mark Manson, Dan Millman, Ryan Serhant, Dean Graziosi, and Naveen Jain. Jordan is the founder and creative director of Trend Up Media, a one-stop podcast agency that produces profitable podcasts to help businesses grow in both profit and influence. His approach to life and business is simple yet powerful: Don’t make a living, design a life. With this creator’s mentality, Jordan has been able to produce outstanding results for himself and challenge others to rise above circumstances, break the mold of society, and take control of their lives.

You can connect with Jordan on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. And make sure to tune into his podcast!