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RR 116: Craig & Deb Van Batenburg from ACDC
13th May 2016 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Craig Van Batenburg is the CEO of Automotive Career Development Center [ACDC] and a former repair shop owner.  His wife Deb is his partner and vice-president. Craig is engaged full time in the understanding of the technology used in hybrid and electric cars. His 45 years of automotive experience serves him well.

The insight.
Craig Van Batenburg gives some great insight into why his career took the path to Hybrid repair and training. He says back in the early seventies he worked at a Honda dealership.  With a huge passion for Honda’s, at 26 years old he opened a shop to work on Honda’s only.  An admitted tree huger and owner of a VW bus named ‘Mrs. Fly’ he has always been driven by environmental concerns. He bought the first model Honda Insight which was the 23rd hybrid sold in Massachusetts. His wife Deb went to Kent State and was always into recycling and politics.

Why Listen!

Insightful history on Hybrid evolution.

Learn how connected Craig is with the industry.

Learn about Craig’s acronym: EMV

What is he driving?
Craig drivs a Nissan Leaf when he can and a Chevy Volt for longer trips these days, he also owns and drives HEVs from Ford, Honda and Toyota as well a Nissan and GM. With great passion, a keen wit and more experience that most, ACDC 2Craig can help you understand not only how but why these new electrified cars operate the way they do.  Craig is in demand worldwide and travels often to help those seeking a simple explanation of a complicated subject.

The big thing!
He teaches a six day comprehensive hybrid class called ‘Up Your Voltage’ that brings in students worldwide. This class has been taught over 43 times.

Husband and wife team.
Deb and Craig work together running ACDC – Automotive Career Development Center. Students worldwide attend their comprehensive six day trading class called ‘Up Your Voltage’. Deb also writes human interest ideas, business trends and critical thinking for Auto Inc and AASP magazines.

In his spare time.
He is a contributing editor for Auto, Inc., Automotive A/C Reporter (in Europe), TaT in Australia and many other journals. Besides Hybrid and Electric Car Education, Craig teaches a wide variety of technical and management classes for trade associations and other industry partners around the world.

His business has three components:

Provide schools with curriculums on hybrid training

Support independents with a ‘Qualified Shop Program’. Marking and support for hybrid repair.

Specialty classes with Honda, John Deer, Nissan.

Business: ACDC – Automotive Career Development Center. Unique in approach to training with a large fleet of vehicles and boot camp for EMV's.
Years in industry: 45
Years in business ownership: 18 for ACDC
Aftermarket Association Memberships: ASA – SAE – ASE – AASP – NACAT
Special Accreditation's: AAM – AMi
ASE Levels: ASE Master L1 – L3
Philanthropy: FAAT CATS

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