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The Marketers Mindset: Strategies and Interviews To Help Grow Your Business Online - Brian Burkard: Podcaster 21st July 2017
039: Try, Fail, Learn and Grow With Dina Lynch Eisenberg
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039: Try, Fail, Learn and Grow With Dina Lynch Eisenberg

Here are some of the things you will learn from this episode with Dina Lynch Eisenberg:

  • Dina’s motto – Try, Fail, Learn and Grow!
  • The importance of mindset to your success
  • Why being self-employed is the greatest self-development program
  • What she learned from being a lawyer that helped her create success in her business
  • Understanding the Beyonce Principle
  • The definition of outsourcing
  • The importance of believing you are “Worthy”
  • Why Sunday’s are Soulful for Dina
  • How Dina works with her “Inner Princess”
  • Why entrepreneurs should not be listening to everyone else
  • The power of setting Intentions
  • Take action with your authentic scared self
  • and much, much more!



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Dina’s website: http://www.outsourceeasier.com/

How To Thrive After A Major Fail video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLE-uWqtnAY&t=360s