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Two Takes and a Pod - Osayi Okuns BONUS EPISODE, 25th September 2020
Col IV - Like We Never Left
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Col IV - Like We Never Left

🚨🔇 AND we're back like we never left!

A lot has happened in the last few months and the more we sit in it, and think about it, the more it feels that we are dealing with the premature arrival of the future.

So what happens when the future shows up early? How do you prepare for your collision with tomorrow?

This collection we are exploring these ideas within our usual topics - how we view sex and relationships, how we deal with money and success, the tools we need to be better humans and prepare for sudden change - all of that. We’ll begin with building the foundation of how we understand the spirit of our times and then explore how to place ourselves in the best possible positions to thrive.

Hosts: Folarin & Osayi


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