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Episode 246: Seeing Things Differently – Personal Stories of Shifting Perspective
Episode 24631st May 2023 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 246: Seeing Things Differently - Personal Stories of Shifting Perspective

One of the great life truths is that life is all about MINDSET. When you shift your focus the perspective changes, and when the perspective shifts your reality shifts. BOOM! Dropping truth.

Once we accept this and learn about the power we have to reframe events and the stories we tell ourselves in order to support our learning and living, once we fully embrace the power of perspective and the flexibility of it, we become unstoppable.

For example. With my personal story - I was married and divorced 3 different times. I can focus on the hurt, the betrayal, the struggle, the cynicism I gained from my experiences. Or I can reframe and look at what I learned, the great people I met because of the various experiences, the people who got to leave my life, the empathy and understanding of some really hard things that I gained. I can focus on the learning and growth, the empathy, the people, the places my adventures took me, or I can focus on the pain and all the messy bad stuff. That is my choice. 

So, reframing and changing perspective are really the same thing. Do you realize how big that is? It’s everything. It’s how you interpret the world. Stick with me….

Today we’re going to look at some perspective shifts about some of the most common things, and how those various shifts create a whole different world for you to live and thrive in. 

In Donald Miller’s book Hero on a Mission, he talks about the importance of keeping the perspective of being an agent in your own life - being responsible for choosing the way you look at your story and taking action in your story. - Let’s start with that. In episode 221 Jessica Burrell and I discuss the book and this idea of taking responsibility for doing the work in our lives. Keeping the perspective of our own power. 

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Check in with yourself. Do you need to make the perspective shift into being the agent of action in your life? Are you taking responsibility for your own life? If not, this is a powerful shift in perspective. If you’re already doing this, then excellent, let’s move onto the next perspective idea.

In episode 132 Rebecca Cookston and I discuss the book Deviate - the science of seeing things differently in order to get different results. This step is all about thinking outside the box in order to make life work for you. Rebecca is on the show because she implemented this deviate mindset in big form.

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This book, this discussion with Rebecca, this idea that we can stop doing things the way they have always been done, that we can shift our mindset and look for new solutions was one of the most powerful ideas I’ve processed.

In episode 160 Jo Marie Taylor was talking with me about her story of being a hostage in Iraq and how that experience shifter her perspective on the worthiness of all people. We’ve talked about shifting our perspective to take advantage of our power over our own life. Then we talked about thinking outside the box to find new perspectives to the same old things in order to see things differently and make them better. Now we’re talking about shifting perspective about the people that we come in contract with on our journey and how that changes life completely.

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Another area that we often need to shift perspective on is our bodies and loving ourselves. Looking in the mirror has for many, become one of the most uncomfortable things we do. Uncomfortable because the minute we do the inner critic hammers away. It’s universal. You’re not alone. Criticizing the physical form we each inhabit is a rampant and pervasive story no matter where you live or who you are. In Episode 76, entitled Body Talk there is a lot of good stuff and I encourage you to go to that episode, but today I want to jump to episode 26 where I talk with Natalie Kristine Burrage and shifting perspective about ourselves and turning to self love.

Tune into the audio program to hear this clip, or hear my entire episode with Natalie here:

Is it a perspective shift to be kind to you? to forgive you? to live in gratitude for who you are? Everyone of these shifts we’ve discussed today are life changing. LIFE CHANGING! 

What perspective shift will serve you most right now? It can be hard even impossible to shift all the perspectives at once, but if one of these really struck a cord with you today, do a little research, maybe listen to the entire episode that I took the clip from, take it to your meditations and prayers. These perspective shifts change your entire experience of living.

I want all the best for each of you, that’s why I work so hard on this show. Thank you for being here today and I hope you had an ah ha moment. Pass this episode along to a friend. Share the love. 

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See you in two weeks for our next episode… just a little teaser….we’ve got a gratitude coach on board. Who doesn’t love free coaching.