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That Thing About "I see Dead People" Flashback Friday
Episode 17315th April 2022 • One More Thing Before You Go • Michael R Herst
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In this episode: What's it like to talk to dead people? Do you question your own sanity? Can you help someone get closure that they didn't have before when they crossed over that veil to the other side? Was it like to be able to see and hear spirits around you all the time? Stay tuned in this episode we're going to talk to somebody that does just that... She talks to dead people.

Welcome to flashback Friday I'm sharing with you some of my favorite episodes from the past while I'm still recovering from my surgery. I appreciate your patience and I hope you enjoy these flashback Fridays as much as I did re-visiting those episodes and those guests. In May we'll start back within regular schedule again with some few minor changes but in the meantime please enjoy this flashback Friday episode That Thing About “I See Dead People”

We’re going to learn about recognizing messages from our guardian angels, or loved ones that have passed on, and the power of meditation. Debbie Anderson is an internationally known clairvoyant born in England, she experienced spirit-communicating phenomenon from early childhood, saw people who had passed over, knew information about people that she could not have known otherwise, and could see future occurrences. Debbie shares her view on spirit, the journey within and connecting with angels, guides, guardians and helpers who are there to assist all of us on our spiritual journey when we are open to receive their messages. For more information visit: You can listen in on her weekly reading on YouTube, and connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Find out more about Debbie and what she can do for you at

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