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Soul-Inspired-Leadership - Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier 20th July 2020
Good leadership is feeling it not thinking it
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Good leadership is feeling it not thinking it

What does feeling leadership really mean?

In any situation what kicks in first is our feelings. We feel our way through life. In feeling leadership this is one of the cores in having a can-do attitude. It's the one that kicks in first. Our brain manages those feelings. Even in extreme feelings like excitement it creates an opportunity to think.

Our brain is the hardware, and our mindset is the software. We've created our mindsets, over time, through all of our experiences, our beliefs which form our attitude and our attitude and action is our behaviour. That is the essence of leadership. 

We walk into an office and spot inspirational quotes all over. Yet the people there do not even note these in their daily actions. They find it hard to connect to their present. It's the contextual nature. That's how leadership is.

Speaking of subtlety, it is, at time, more powerful than being authoritative. By asking curious questions a leader can take people on a journey. It leads to connecting with people and more a leader connects the more feeling there is in the interaction.

In leadership we have many a word that's used to describe various aspects of it-- empathy, sympathy, acknowledgement, silence. 

A really good leader knows the power of silence in allowing people to think. This creates a feeling of empowerment. That enables one to learn-by-doing. Which leads into the concept of lifelong learning. 

Given the global environment today, leadership thinking needs to go back into an entrepreneurial mindset. Go into the unknown. Take risks. All of which is only possible with the right mindset of like establishing a start-up. 

Somewhere in all our lives we've all done entrepreneurial stuff. Trying things we didn't know, and that didn't work, so changing it around. Faced with a new challenge do you have the courage to take it on? Are you focussed? Are you committed?

Answering these truthfully brings forth behaviours that impact on the leadership displayed. Specially being committed to your leadership.


Leadership is about action. Not position and title. It's all about what you have done, and are going to do, to bring everyone together. This involves feeling, to know and understand, your industry, your market, and your people to be able to lead them effectively. Really good leaders feel the pain of the organization because it’s that pain that drives the organization. By feeling the pain, leaders are able to connect with the need and influence their teams appropriately and drive the outcome.

Couple that, with the positive out of the pandemic being the online connectivity, where we've all now seen and been a part of an individual's personal life, all thanks to the work-from-home scenario. That brings us a more human connection. Good leaders get that and use it to connect through the feeling that it creates. Ensuring a person-to-person connectivity and engagement. 

Leaders need to be feeling the leadership and not just run through a checklist of items that add up to being a leader. Feel the pain, but also feel the excitement, and be relied upon for inspiration. The inspiration must come from within, otherwise a leader's position becomes egotistical. This is where the alignment between the head, heart and soul comes in and is important. A leader has to use one's head to think but feel from the heart and soul. The connection that occurs when there's the connection of feelings creates the inspiration and followership.

Summing up-- just feel your way through. Go and experiment.

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