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S3-EP42: Q&A: Big Jeff-Little Jeff: Jeff Durbin and Jeff Miller - Alternative Suspects
Episode 4216th December 2021 • Snow Files • Jamie Snow
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Join co-hosts Bruce, Lesley, Tam and Ray as they discuss the "Jeff's" in depth. An extra long episode for you listening pleasure. We also start with Bruce and Ray's thoughts on the Bible Story episode because they were unable to join us on the pop up episode. Lot's of interesting theories and laughs in this one!

In August of 1991, just five months after the murder of young gas station attendant Bill Little, a string of other gas station robberies plagued Bloomington. Jeff Miller and Jeff Durbin colluded to rob gas stations together with a gun, for petty sums of cash. Durbin was the getaway driver, and planned to use doctored cab driver’s log sheets to evade detection. Miller chose an Adam’s Family Halloween mask. Regardless, Miller was identified by people who knew him when he behaved erratically after the last robbery, and the two eventually confessed, being sentenced to 38 years behind bars between the two. These known, convicted, and self-admitted robbers were never seriously investigated for the strikingly similar robbery and murder of Bill Little. Listen to hear how they avoided prosecution for Jamie’s case, and the ominous remarks made by one of them, after coming face to face with Jamie, post conviction.


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