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Get F***ing Real - Lisa Cherney 30th July 2020
#54: Marketing Confessions & The UnLaunch with Erin Tillotson
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#54: Marketing Confessions & The UnLaunch with Erin Tillotson

This week, Lisa and her 8-year marketing muse Erin Tillotson unveil their UnLaunch way of marketing. They took turns explaining the 4 UnLaunch Pillars and even revealed their new glossary of UnLaunch marketing terms, which is what makes it unlike any other approach you’ve used (or been traumatized by) in the past.

Are you ready to release your marketing baggage?

Welcome to a new, authentic-to-who-YOU-are way of broadcasting your message and reaching your Ideal Aligned Clients. It’s time to let go of old school strategies and stop the stress of trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s “shoulds” for how to connect your mission to the people you’re meant to (and WANT to) serve.


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