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The Mix Bag Podcast - DJ MIDIMACK EPISODE 175, 23rd April 2021
Apr 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 4
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Apr 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 4

"Your weekly dose of Funky House Music from Around the World." - DJ MIDIMACK

Apr 2021 Funky House Mix Pt. 4 (Ep 175) Playlist:

  1. So Hooked On Your Lovin by Selace (London)
  2. Open Your Love by DJ Marlon (Italy)/KO-BE (Italy)
  3. When He Comes by Simon Adams (Italy)/Max Millan (Italy)
  4. Feels Fine by Di Saronno (Italy)/Gangs of Naples (Italy)
  5. People's Choice by Cisco Barcelo (Chile)/Roberto Mocha (Spain)
  6. Fat Funk by Kenny Bizzaro (Italy)
  7. Te Quiero Para Mi by Bubs (France)
  8. All I Want by DAN:ROS (San Marino)
  9. Get Down by DJ Kone (Spain)/Marc Palacios (Spain)
  10. Voices by DJ Kone (Spain)/Marc Palacios (Spain)
  11. Do You Remember House? by Blaze (USA) feat. Palmer Brown
  12. You're The One For Me by Steve "Silk" Hurley (USA)
  13. One For Me by White Sheep (Brazil)
  14. All I'm Asking by Dilby (Germany)/Midnight City (UK)
  15. My Dreams by Beki M (Hungary)
  16. Lovin by Norty Cotto (USA)
  17. Wanna Get Down by Peter Brown (Spain)
  18. Freaky Disco by Gy Fos (UK)
  19. Alright by Gota (USA)



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