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Selling Sarasota - Shelley and Edward Panas EPISODE 28, 25th October 2018
028 Outtakes and Jokes with Jo Ann Koontz
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028 Outtakes and Jokes with Jo Ann Koontz

BONUS: Outtakes & Jokes with Jo Ann Koontz

This short bonus episode is some outtakes from before our interview with Jo Ann followed by some bad jokes by Ed.

About Jo Ann Koontz

Jo Ann M. Koontz is an attorney and CPA practicing in the areas of real estate, business organizations, and taxation. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ohio Northern University in 2001, where she specialized in accounting. Jo Ann obtained her Certified Public Accountant license in 2003, and earned her Juris Doctor from Ohio Northern University in 2006. She represents clients in a wide variety of business and real estate matters, including commercial and residential real estate transactions, short sales, S corporation, partnership and LLC formation and reorganizations and the tax implications of business and real estate transactions, including purchases and sales of assets and equity interests.

Jo Ann has been representing clients before the IRS for over 15 years in all tax controversies, including audits, appeals and collection matters and provides tax planning services to clients in connection with real estate and business transactions. She began working in public accounting in 1998 and has been handling these types of IRS issues since that time. She advises clients of potential tax consequences of contemplated transactions prior to entering into agreements for the transaction, so that together, working with the client, exposure to tax liabilities can be minimized. In order to maximize the effectiveness of tax planning strategies, Jo Ann encourages holding an initial consultation as early as possible, even before the transaction begins to take shape.

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