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The Ethical Evolution Podcast - Ethical Change Agency EPISODE 14, 23rd January 2020
Ethical Oceans with Flavio Affinato
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Ethical Oceans with Flavio Affinato

My next guest and I connected through the  internet and realised our missions aligned. Based in London, this guest has practically been around the world and has a background in ecology and research - which has lead to some amazing innovation that can save the world’s oceans.

Flavio Affinato is a Co-Founder of NuOceans - They have found a way to make flip flops out of old flip flops and plastic bottles recovered from the seas and beaches. They repurposed these materials to offer a quality and comfort comparable to that of the largest brands. They offer a unisex line inspired by the ocean that gives back to the ocean. 

Their mission is to clean up our oceans that are littered with tonnes of disposed flip-flops or thongs as we call them here and recycle them to become brand new that can also be recycled again. If you know of connections that could support or connect Flavio and his team in their mission, please get in touch.