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Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo - Your Life Of Impact with Brett Robbo 25th May 2020
Ep.146 Thriving Through Challenge with Scotty Reardon & Vanessa Low
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Ep.146 Thriving Through Challenge with Scotty Reardon & Vanessa Low

If you struggle to find a helpful perspective from challenges and adversities in your life, you’re in for treat with this one!

This is another episode of bringing on former guests to hear their challenges, beliefs and visions of these interesting times.

Scotty and Vanessa are both Paralympic and World champions. 

Scotty is a single leg above knee amputee, 100m sprinter.

Vanessa is a double above knee amputee, long jumper and 100m sprinter. 

Both these legends have been on the podcast way back in episode 3 for Scotty and episode 5 for Vanessa. 

In these episodes they share their stories in detail of how they lost their limbs and how this journey has affected them AND helped them during their lives. 

If you haven’t listened to those episodes it’s a MUST. You need to understand their stories and their authenticity for this episode to TRULY resonate deeply with you! 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How this isolation period has been an opportunity for Scotty to grow and develop. 
  • What personal tools and strategies he’s been working on the most
  • How he’s using visualization to help him towards his goals of the Tokyo 2021 Paralympics and doing World's Best performances.
  • We dive into why YOU and all of us who aren’t professional athletes can use visualisation to achieve goals and visions in our life. 
  • We discuss the power and importance of adaptability.
  • Why Vanessa uses adversities to challenge her ideas about life and her belief systems.
  • Why they both believe this World crisis has happened.
  • Why this is an OPPORTUNITY for everyone, regardless of how much you’ve been affected by the covid period.
  • And plenty more great gold knowledge bombs. 

Choosing to surround myself with people like this is no doubt a big part of fuelling my optimism, belief and perspectives of the world.

Follow Scotty and Vanessa online:


Website: vanessalow.com.au/

IG - @vanessalow90


Websites: srsports.com.au/ scottreardon.com.au/

IG: @scottreardo