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Episode 41: Outbound Done Right with Jeff Swan
Episode 4115th March 2022 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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Welcome to this installment of the Revenue Real Hotline featuring Jeff Swan. 

Jeff is the founder and CEO at Outbound SOS. 

On today’s episode, we start by exploring how the quality of the list is significantly more impactful than everything else you'd do. We tackle questions like: 

  • Who is responsible for creating lead lists? (2:13)
  • What are the outbound skills every seller needs to have? (6:13)
  • How do the two types of selling motions all sellers inevitably meet impact next steps? (9:42)
  • What is a nurture campaign and how can sellers work more collaboratively with marketing? (17:25)
  • What are qualifications, triggers, and tie ins and how can we use them to build an outbound strategy? (23:46)
  • Jeff Swan’s most uncomfortable conversation (26:03)

Today we tackle these questions and more. 

For the full transcripts, check out the episode page: 

You can connect with Jeff in the links below: 

Resources featured on this episode:

  • Story Brand Concept of the Hero's Journey
  • Wolf in CIOs Clothing
  • Amplemarket