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Start The World - Jack Donovan EPISODE 17, 20th April 2020
Brute Norse - "Walking Backwards into the Future"
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Brute Norse - "Walking Backwards into the Future"

Eirik Storesund is an Old Norse philologist, writer, and artist from Southwest Norway who has created an artful and intellectually rewarding podcast called  @Brute Norse  . He calls what he does "Scandifuturism," in which he brings old myths to life in a new, engaging and mischievous (he might say "trollish") way. I let this podcast run longer than normal because I was having a really good time talking with him about myth and paganism and art and ritual and the relationship between man and his environment.

It was a great conversation, and if you're interested in these subjects at all or want to hear an amusing essay followed by a scholarly and no BS presentation about Valhalla, check out his episode "Fight For Your Right To Party" on Soundcloud.


You can find more of his work at


And follow him on Instagram here: