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The Business Generals Podcast | Helping You Maximize Your Entrepreneurial Dreams - Every Single Week - Davis Mutabwa 25th June 2017
014: Learnings from a Long Time Educator Turned Bestselling Author (w/ Mark Barnes)
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014: Learnings from a Long Time Educator Turned Bestselling Author (w/ Mark Barnes)

Mark Barnes is a long time educator, bestselling author, founder of Times 10 Publications and the creator of the Hack Learning Series.

Mark is the author of six education books and has co-authored Hack Learning’s Flagship Book: Hacking Education: 10 Quick Fixes for Every School.

Reaching nearly 5 million people every month on Twitter, on twitter handle @markbarnes19 – Mark is one of education’s most recognizable engagers, a popular keynote speaker and education presenter!

Super pumped to dig more into Mark’s story so Ladies and gentlemen please help me welcome Mark to the show!!

Mark discusses how his companies generate over 70% of revenue from books, how to build a brand around your book writing so your audience keeps coming back for more.


Book recommendation for entrepreneurs: 

1. Drive: The Surprising Thing About What Motivates Us – Daniel Pink

2. WIll it Fly – Pat Flynn


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Legacy: To be remembered as someone who made a real impact on education who changed the outdated approaches in education especially how we assess learning, de-emphasising the traditional grading system and creating a conversation about learning, as well as shifting the conversation of homework from a “drill and kill” approach but to go home and want to extend upon the learinings from school because students want to learn, to make learning fun for students – Mark.

Best way to connect:

@markbarnes19 on Twitter
#hacklearning on Twitter