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Keeping Wanderlust - Keeping Wanderlust 17th November 2019
Sun, Suds, and Sweathers in SoFlo
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Sun, Suds, and Sweathers in SoFlo

In this episode: Basically an hour of conversation that covers the entire depth of our knowledge relating to Florida (spoiler alert, we don’t much at all). Way too much discussion about the weather. Kris’ poor attempt at an Australian accent. Six foot rats. Bathroom selfies. Docents. Comparing cost of living in Florida versus New York City; thought exercise about whether we should throw away our corporate rat-race lives and buy a bar in Key West. Obligatory eye-rolling from Kayla when Kris refers to Floridians as “those people.” The word Sweather is invented. Getting dressed up to go to Starbucks. The verb HAM is abused (it’s used one time). Kris tosses in his emphatic “hands down” or “no joke” award at least half a dozen times. A particular focus on one of the most unique cities in America that just so happens to exist in Florida. Two pitchers of sangria is better than one. Recap of the time Kayla got Kris to go on a five hour bike ride in Florida heat. Tips for driving from Miami to Key West.

Kayla tempts fate and gives the karma gods the finger by saying, out loud, that she’s never missed a flight, in spite of cutting it too close, more times than she can count. Kris shares homicide fantasies involving Disney characters. (Probably should have cut that out in post production).

Kris’ rant this week about VCRs in the 90s that would auto-rewind and replay tapes on loop if never ejected.