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Being A Better Man - Alf Herigstad 4th May 2016
044 – Hobo Norm
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044 – Hobo Norm



Story Time With Alf is here…

Every Wednesday I regal you with a story from somewhere in my unusual and interesting life.  It could be funny, sad, serious or disturbing, the important thing is that every story has a lesson.

Even though these are my stories, you can apply these lessons to your own life, or perhaps they will remind you of your own similar story and the lessons you learned from it.  Either way, you should be entertained.

As you listen I really want you to consider your own stories, when did you learn these lessons?  Can you remember?  Sometimes digging up your own past can have great benefit, especially if you are made to remember that one singular moment in time when you learned something vital.  It’s almost like learning it all over again. That…is the purpose of these stories.

In fact, I think there is nothing quite so human as the hearing and telling of stories.  It’s how our ancestors conveyed critical information from one generation to the next.  The stories told around campfires the world over are what eventually shaped our species into what it is today.

Todays story is called Hobo Norm, it was a pivotal one in my life, one of those stories that you keep learning from as you grow and take on new perspective.  I doubt if too many others have a story similar to this one…thats why I’m sharing it, so you can experience it through me.

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