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Bonus Episode – Them Changes | A Must Listen
Bonus Episode30th December 2019 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Important Changes

You’ll need to subscribe to each podcast separately. In the recent past, you would get every show we produce into your one single subscription of RRR.

One of the easiest ways to find all three podcasts is to search under my name in your app. Key in Carm Capriotto. You will find the three show icons appear. Just subscribe to all three. Then you are all set. You’ll never miss a new release

Now you need to add two new subscriptions to your favorite podcast listening app. You already have RRR next is to search for Town Hall Academy and For the Record. No matter if you listen on Apple, Google, iHeart, Spotify or the dozen more apps that feature my podcasts, you’ll need to subscribe to Town Hall Academy and For The Record.

So you can get a better understanding of when we publish new episodes, let me share with you when you would expect new releases. On Monday’s you get a new For The Record episode. As you know with For The Record you’ll hear a perspective on life and business issues that you may have never heard before. Its format is like the op-ed section of the newspaper. It is the perfect forum to hear from your industry colleagues and get your juices flowing. And I know, ‘cause you’ve told me, that these opines or rants may just inspire you enough to move your thinking in a new direction.

So the purpose of this bonus episode is to get you to subscribe to all three shows. You already have RRR now you need to subscribe to Town Hall Academy and For The Record to complete your access to all three weekly podcasts we produce for you.

Thanks, and we’ll talk soon.

Carm Capriotto


  • I like Spreaker Podcast Radio. Find it on your app store and then search for Carm Capriotto. Then subscribe to:
  • Remarkable Results Radio
  • Town Hall Academy
  • For the Record