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Spark of Rebellion, A Star Wars Show - Garry Aylott & Mark Asquith, Rebel Base Media EPISODE 15, 20th July 2019
Disney game licensing, our top 3 Star Wars games ever and an old quirky gaming gem...

Disney game licensing, our top 3 Star Wars games ever and an old quirky gaming gem...

Our guest host this week is our friend and Patron Tom Tate. Tom is a huge Star Wars and gaming fan so we cram as much gaming stuff in as we can.

The Mandalorian has already been green-lit for a second season, Disney hires ex-Playstation portfolio exec as VP of game licensing and one of those super rare Boba Fett Kenner prototypes sells for crazy money at auction.

In lieu of the news Garry and Tom go through their top 3 Star Wars games of all time and our random spotlight this week features a quirky old desktop game.

This is Spark of Rebellion, the weekly Star Wars podcast for casual fans and veterans alike.

We are your hosts, Garry and Mark and every single Saturday we release a brand new episode bringing you Star Wars news, reviews & discussion, our famous "top threes" and of course, the random spotlight, where we highlight a character, place, ship, object or something else peculiar from a galaxy far, far away.

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Now, go explore and may the Force be with you... always!