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Your Confident Self - Allegra M. Sinclair EPISODE 61
How to Take Control of Your Career and Remove Fear
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How to Take Control of Your Career and Remove Fear

I know you want to take control of your career and remove fear. With all the rapid changes in the workplace it's natural to experience some fear. Will the company stay profitable? Will you be able to continue to progress and move up the organization? Are you going to be replaced by a robot? We delve into these questions and more in today's episode of the podcast.

Many of my coaching clients are accomplished, mid-career women who:

  • Are worried that the changing workplace seems to be leaving them behind
  • Want to turn their career upside down and do something different but they aren't sure what they want to do

Today's guest, Nicolle Merrill has a delicious blend of skills that helps both groups.


  1. How to take control of your career
  2. How the world of work is changing and why
  3. The changing world of work does not mean you have no value
  4. Whether robots are taking all our jobs
  5. Why we shame people for not moving up the corporate ladder
  6. How we're missing opportunities to up-skill
  7. The skills we should focus on to remain relevant in the workplace
  8. How you build influence in your workplace

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