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Crypto Current - Richard Carthon EPISODE 183, 7th June 2021
Giorgi Khazaradze on Aurox's trading terminal designed to help traders accelerate their profits
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Giorgi Khazaradze on Aurox's trading terminal designed to help traders accelerate their profits

Today Giorgi Khazaradze joins us to discuss how Aurox's trading terminal is designed to help traders accelerate their profits.

Giorgi is the founder of Aurox. Aurox allows you to trade on multiple crypto exchanges from a first true all-in-one desktop trading terminal. Compared to existing crypto trading terminals, Aurox is the first that allows you to completely customize your trading environment .


Website - https://getaurox.com/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/getaurox

*Disclaimer. Richard Carthon is the Founder of Crypto Current. All opinions expressed by members of the Crypto Current Team, Richard or his guest on this podcast are solely their opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Crypto Current. You should not treat any opinion expressed by Richard as a specific inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy but only as an expression of his opinion. This podcast is for informational purposes only.


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