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Paul Kilduff-Taylor
Episode 929th July 2024 • Be a Better Artist • Markus Junnikkala
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Paul Kilduff-Taylor is a composer and artist known for his music as nervous_testpilot as well as _ensnare_. He is also the co-founder of Mode 7, an indie game publisher and development company, known for titles like Frozen Synapse, Fight in Tight Spaces, and Tokyo 42.




nervous_testpilot Spotify:

_ensnare_ Spotify:

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_ensnare_ Apple Music:


(00:00:00) Intro

(02:19:00) Emotional and Spiritual Connection in Music

(05:02:00) Podcast Goals

(07:52:00) Branding Challenges as an Artist

(12:30:00) Game Development background

(15:04:00) Personal Background

(15:12:00) Early Life and Family

(16:46:00) Technology Exposure in Childhood

(18:00:00) Relationship with Technology

(21:30:00) Childhood, Family

(24:21:00) Risk Management, Anxiety, Collaboration

(30:20:00) Early Music Exposure

(32:23:00) Music as a Career Consideration

(39:04:00) Humour in Music and Life

(47:27:00) Early Career in Game Development and Music

(56:02:00) Frozen Synapse (2011)

(01:02:03) Mixing music, Sound selection, Retaining Emotion

(01:06:53) Dynamic Music in Video Games

(01:11:15) Creativity vs. Technical Precision

(01:20:30) Approach to SNES Style Music

(01:34:01) Music Technology in Composition

(01:37:01) Inspiration

(01:42:01) Compositional process

(01:45:01) Musical Influences

(01:53:22) Non-musical Influences

(01:57:50) Time Management and Work Structure

(02:00:30) Balancing Work and Personal Life

(02:05:54) Challenges with Sleep and Coping Mechanisms

(02:15:00) Emotion and Decision Making

(02:23:33) Music Tech Talk

(02:30:02) Mixing Techniques

(02:45:02) Upcoming Exciting Music Tech

(02:49:42) Balancing Work and Life

(02:56:05) Future Plans and Projects

(02:59:12) Definition of an Artist

(03:18:33) Message Sent to Everyone's Phone

Markus Junnikkala is a Composer from Finland.

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