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Being A Better Man - Alf Herigstad 30th May 2016
055 – A man Keeps His Word
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055 – A man Keeps His Word


A Man Keeps His Word…

Today’s topic might seem redundant, or too simple, or even silly to some people at first glance, because it is a part of our common language so everyone assumes they know what it means.

I’m talking about your word.  People use it all the time in phrases like;  I give you my word, you have my word on it, my word is my bond, his word is good, I’ll keep my word, etc., etc…you have all heard these phrases before.

So, we all know that to keep your word is the same thing as keeping a promise right?  You say you are going to be somewhere at 6:00…that means you will be there at 6:00…not 6:05.  If someone confides something to you in confidence and you give your word that you won’t tell a soul…you better not speak of it to anyone.

What puzzles me is…if everybody knows what giving your word means, then why do so many people on a daily basis break their word?  What puzzles me even further is why other people seem to just accept word breaking, as though it’s part of human nature or something and the people couldn’t help it?  That’s really weird to me.

Most people have a best friend or someone they will always keep their word with…but today I’m going to suggest something radical;  what if you kept your word 100% of the time regardless of who you were talking to.

Do you know why I am suggesting that you make keeping your word a priority?  It’s not simply to do the rest of the world a favor.  I would like to see men keep their word for their own self. 

If you make keeping your word a priority right now, if you look in the mirror and make a commitment to keep your word in all situations you will immediately have more respect for yourself.  When you respect yourself, others are more likely to respect you.

Words mean things gentlemen…the words that come out of our mouth are a reflection of the men that we are.  In this episode I give you a couple tips that might help you keep your word in all situations.

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