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ParentEd - Focus on the Family Singapore EPISODE 8, 7th May 2020
How Becoming A Mum Changed My Relationship with My Mum

How Becoming A Mum Changed My Relationship with My Mum

Growing up, we may have heard the phrase “You won’t understand until you are a Mum” or “One day, when you are a Mum, you will understand”. Now of course, those statements may have been muttered by your Mum in times when you were stubborn or hard to handle. Is it true that there are some things you will only “get” after you become a Mum yourself?

Join Joanna Koh-Hoe, CEO of Focus on the Family Singapore, as she chats with Tabitha and Jace Tan, a young mother and grandmother, on how their roles and attitudes towards each other have evolved ever since Tabitha became a mum.

Tabitha is a first time mum to Baby Olivia. She is a freelance copywriter and owner of Proverbs Studio - a custom bridal gown studio. Her time at home is balanced between caring for Olivia and running her businesses while making sure she has enough time for her husband, church and other commitments. 

Jace is grandma to Baby Olivia and has spent the past 20 years dedicated to raising her kids and now their kids! She is passionate about journeying with other women in their marriages and relationships with their children.

For more details about the Mother's Day campaign featured in this episode, visit www.family.org.sg/takeamoment.

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*Manja (Malay) = to pamper or show affection