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Episode 2429th January 2022 • Expertease - Knowledge, Not Comedy • Clare Sera, Danno Sullivan
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Three chairs for upholstery! Share the thrill when expert Danno Sullivan mistakes a tack hammer for an attack hammer, while Clare Sera interrogates from a silk brocade chaise longue.

Much love and many thanks to announcer Moira Quirk.

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In just one 10-minute podcast on FRENCH UPHOLSTERY, here are just a few of the tidbits you'll learn, so you can be an expert, too! --

- Expert Danno focuses on the upholstery of Louis XIV

- Louis XIV is son of Louis XV, because that's how math works

- Upholsterer was called Monsieur Woodsuffice

- Much upholstery was done with the hair of aristrocrats

- Vintage upholster is valuable because of the smell

- Queen Victoria's sweat-stained carpets are collectible

- An "olfactory" pun

- In addition to furniture Louis XIV and Louis XV, collectors covet the cornet-based décor of Louis Armstrong

- Expert Danno started at University of Wisconsin, with just a stick of wood and a pocket knife

- Earliest project was self-pasteurizing cheese chair

- "Captain and Tenille" reference

- phrase "enfolded flaps of flesh"

- left over muskrat materials donated to hand pie manufactory and voodoo necklace maker