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Google Reviews: New Value From the Words Used [RR 793]
Episode 7931st November 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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We are with Jimmy Lea from Kukui at ASTE 2022 with another important Google Update. We are always keeping you in the know as it relates to mother Google. Google is now giving more credibility and weight to customer reviews. It goes beyond their ranked star review and dives into what they wrote, word for word, literally. What does that mean for your shop? Jimmy LeaKUKUI Evangelist. Listen to Jimmy’s previous episodes HERE Key Talking Points
  • The Google algorithms have  changed, and now they are giving more credibility and more weight to customer reviews
  • Be an open book when we're asking for our reviews. You want five stars, but you also need three, two, and one in order to get the ranking right. Customers want to know how you handle mistakes. Recent reviews show a customer what they will expect. 
  • The good and the bad of Google Reviews are once you go on and leave a Google Review when you come back, you can revise the review, but you can't leave another standalone review
  • The about us page is so important. You must have employee testimonials, customer testimonials, and what makes your shop unique
  •  Do short videos on your about page from the customers and technicians
  • The power of blogs. Google gives more credibility to the blog, and they  need to be consistent
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