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Marketing That Converts - Teresa Heath-Wareing EPISODE 89, 4th November 2019
Common Mistakes Business Owners Make And How You Can Avoid Them
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Common Mistakes Business Owners Make And How You Can Avoid Them

In this week’s solo episode, I’m talking about the mistakes people might make when it comes to running their own their business. I want to use my experience and knowledge in the industry to help you see where you might be going wrong. Although you may not be making any of these mistakes, hopefully this episode will give you a chance to look at the way in which you run your business.

Key Takeaways Covered in the Podcast

·      When it comes to branding it is 100% worth investing in a graphic designer. Although you can create graphics, logos and artwork yourself - the difference a designer can make is incredible.

·      Your social media profile images need to make it clear who you are. Whether you’re using your logo, a product or a shop front – it needs to be as clear as possible so people can recognise you right away.

·      Cover images are incredibly important when it comes to your social media profiles. You need to be sure you’re changing your cover photo with the seasons and that you make it clear what you do as a business. Canva is a great tool for this.

·      Your ‘about’ section is not a CV. You need to tell people exactly what you do AND make it personal. What do your customers need to know?

·      Giving away ‘free’ information is a great way to add value and to get your customers to trust you. Whether it’s a free guide or a podcast, the more trust you build the better.

·      You don’t have to be on every single platform in order to succeed.

One thing you need to remember above all else…

It is important to remember that you can’t be all things to everyone. Whilst you can try new and interesting ideas, you don’t have to see everything through. Try not to make leaps that are ‘too big’.

Highlights you Simply Can’t Miss

·      Mistake #1 Business’ Don’t Invest in Branding - 2:41

·      Mistake #2 Business’ Don’t Use the Correct Profile Image on Social Media - 9:00

·      Mistake #3 Business’ Don’t Make the Most Out of a Cover Image – 12:32

·      Mistake #4 Business’ Don’t Think About Their Bio and About Section – 14:44

·      Mistake #5 Business’ Don’t Want to Share Their Information - 17:28

·      Mistake #6 Business’ Spread Themselves Too Thin and Try to be too Widespread – 21:04