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Taming Your Inner Critic with Mia Scharphie
Episode 2527th January 2021 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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Do you ever hear a shitty inner voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t worthy of things, or that you can’t accomplish something for one reason or another?

That voice is called your Inner Critic. It’s created by the voices you hear when you are in the formative years of your childhood. It could be the voice of your past, your mother, your father, an aunt, or a school bully. This voice can grow loud and paralyzing if you don’t discover ways to silence. So, how do you arm yourself with ways to overcome this voice in your head - because not only is this voice a real asshole, it’s a liar, liar pants on fire! 

Welcome to Episode 25 where my special guest Mia Scharphie joins us to teach you how to silence your inner critic and move beyond the shitty narrative it plays in your head! Mia is a trained facilitator, the founder of the Build Yourself workshop- a programme that helps women build the dynamic, powerful and meaningful careers and businesses they want,​ and has run research efforts for the Harvard Business School.

In this episode, we discuss why accountability and trust are key to building your career and how to find the “right” accountability partner for your business, why your inner critic does not serve you any functional purpose and how to mute that shitty voice.

Your inner critic gives you a skewed perception of reality. Only you can acknowledge that this voice is not based in reality. If you write down the things that this voice says to you and then read them out loud, you will discover what complete and total bullshit it really is.

Perhaps you should name your inner critic and then tell it to shut the fuck up repeatedly until it doesn’t talk to you anymore. Tune in. We could help you do that!

Drink of the Week: Rombauer Chardonnay

I do not understand the ABC people - the anything but chardonnay people. I absolutely love it and this is one of my favorite Chardonnays.

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