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The Hard Thing Podcast - Justin Lewis EPISODE 97, 18th June 2020
TM 46: 7 Tips to Optimize your Linkedin Profile (By Taylor Nelson)

TM 46: 7 Tips to Optimize your Linkedin Profile (By Taylor Nelson)

Welcome back to the 46th episode of the Thursday Meditations show!

This is the show that helps you overcome average, and step up above mediocrity.

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During the month of June, we’ll be talking about getting jobs and careers on the Thursday Meditations show.

Today I share 7 tips On how to Optimize your Linkedin profile. These tips are brought to you by Taylor Nelson, a local recruiter here in Utah. He’s also the host of Navigating the Slopes: An HR Podcast. Feel free to reach out to him with any questions and if you’re in the area, hit him up for any open positions.

Here are his 7 tips:

1: get your LinkedIn profile up to date and current. LinkedIn is the new resume and a lot of companies have a presence on there, so you need to put your best virtual foot forward.


2: Get recommendations from previous supervisors, co-workers or anyone who you know will leave a good remark and has some status in their organization


3: Sign up for the free 30-day premium account if you haven't. This will give you some great insight to where your skills stand at your top companies and the skills you can learn in order to land more jobs.


4: Network, Network. Network - LinkedIn is full of people who can help you, so don't hesitate to connect with people, even if you think they wont' accept. You never know when having a connection could help in the job. In fact, through my connections I've been able to land 2 jobs + over the last few months have helped 6 of my former colleagues line up interviews. 


5: Post content and be "social". Your comments, likes, shares and posts can spread faster than the coronavirus. If you post quality content, your connection likes it and then their connections see it, and their connections see it until you've received 5 new connection requests, possibly from someone who could help you out. *I had a post trending in #HR a few weeks ago. 30+ comments, 5k views and a lot of new connections. 


6: Explore a company's LinkedIn page before your interview. Similar to Glassdoor, a company wants their LI to look good and be a representation of who they are. Also, use LI to find people who work for that company and see who they are, what experience do they have/did they have prior to starting there. There are so many investigative ways to map out your next dream job. 


7: Have fun and be yourself. LinkedIn, while different than most social media, is still a place to represent who you are. While the content is on the professional side, you need to make sure you're representing you. Follow companies, people or things you like. Share content you're passionate about and don't be afraid to help out when you can

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