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Comedians on South High - 511 South High Media EPISODE 4, 14th October 2019
Comedians In Deep Thought

Comedians In Deep Thought

The Comedians On South high are in deep thought.

  • Did Bobbie do something wrong?
  • What is Jesus’s address?
  • Yes 911, I have two orders.
  • Who would drive 30 minutes for a diehard 2 DVD?
  • Is it a picture of Kool-Aid, or a picture of Kool-Aid?
  • When underground do you need to know the slang?

Here we go again with Jason Banks, Kenny Mock, Bobbie Dodds and your host Jared Blinsky. Another adventure with the Comedians On South High.

Recorded at Channel 511, a production of 511 South High Media LLC.